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There is an abundance of wildlife to be found within Sheshe’s grounds from the local troop of vervet monkeys who love to play by the poolside, to bush babies, bats and even African hedgehogs.

There is also a myriad of bird and sea life and you might well be lucky enough to see a school of dolphins or flying fish leaping out of the ocean as you enjoy your sundowners.

The Tsavo, Kenya’s largest national park and a haven for elephants and lion, and The Shimba Hills reserves are only a short drive away and safaris can be arranged upon request.



Ethical Tourism

We believe that the benefits of tourism should embrace the whole of the local community. In light of this we ensure the following as far as possible:

  • Hire staff that are local to the region
  • Purchase as much of what we require for the running of the hotel  as possible from local farmers, fishermen and tradesmen
  • Support local artists
  • Encourage skilled artisans by hiring local carpenters, craftsmen and woodworkers to do our carving and woodwork  
  • Respect for the moral and cultural codes of the community

we further support the local community by providing the local fishermen with some of our prime beachfront property to build shelters and storage huts for their boats and tools and for local craftspeople to display and sell their products.

For those of our guests who are interested, we can organise a visit to the Asante project. This is a local project that supports orphans and single mothers in the area, providing them with free Montessori education, healthcare, nutritious, balanced meals and skills to support themselves.

There is no charge for arranging this and we do not gain anything from it but a visit is a really eye opening experience and you can make a huge positive impact by showing your support of the people that work so hard to make this happen, whether just by paying a visit and thereby keeping up morale or by making a much needed donation directly to them.

Ecological considerations

We are currently in the process of drafting a detailed environmental policy and currently implement the following procedures:

  • We only buy seafood that is fully grown or a minimum weight of half a kg (for lobster, crab etc), to ensure smaller, younger fish and crustaceans are left to live. This allows the abundant sea-life to continue to thrive
  • We utilise unique electricity saving keys so that the rooms are only supplied with power while occupied
All our wood for the furnishings etc is ecologically sourced,

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